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remodeling services in Austin, TX

GV Remodeling Services, LLC it's serving to Austin, TX, and its surrounding areas offering professional home improvement services. We guarantee the satisfaction of our clients in each project, focusing on every detail of the project.


Thanks to our experience, we can give you different options depending on your needs and budget. Our staff is here to support your vision and make your ideas come true. The projects are done by professional and experienced people. Our plumbers and electricians have their respective licenses to provide the highest quality service.

What makes us different from other companies is that we offer a professional and personalized service guaranteed by the owner of the company as the Project Manager. In this way, communication is direct and effective. Thanks to the owner being the Project Manager in the field, he will always put customer satisfaction before profits. The owner of the company is a resident of the city of Austin, for this reason one of our goals is to establish a relationship of trust with our clients.




& Accountable

Get to know the Director

Yelkin García

I am a resident of the city of Austin, with 5 years of experience in the construction area that gives me the ability to handle different types of remodeling projects. I spent a few years working as a laborer and learned the process and types of materials necessary to carry out different types of projects. Later, I worked for other years as a Project Manager where I learned to lead work crews to deliver professional finishes focused on customer satisfaction. Now, as the owner of GV Remodeling Service, my mission is to provide professional and personalized service to our clients, solving all their questions, and maintaining excellent direct communication throughout the remodeling process to ensure their peace of mind.

profesinal home remodeling services

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Austin and its surrounding cities

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